Why Yardi Investment Suite

Investment Suite provides a complete set of tools to manage the entire real estate investment lifecycle for companies of any size and ownership structure.

Connected platform for investor to asset operations

With over 20 years experience in developing investment management solutions, we are excited to bring the only connected suite that automates complex manual processes and provides full transparency from investor to asset operations.

Flexible solution that grows with your business

From investor portals to investment and debt accounting, our platform’s adaptability ensures scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Investor to lease data in one system

Provide visibility and data consistency from investor to asset operations, eliminating the need to shift data between systems.

Focus and experience

Leverage over 20 years of experience focused on continuous innovation for real estate ownership processes.

Core Products

Provide visibility into investment positions and enhance communications with investor portal software.

Manage debt, eliminate spreadsheets and centralize data across your portfolio with a single connected solution.

Simplify complex financial processes and provide full transparency from investor to asset.

Provide real-time transparency to investment, financial and operational metrics.


Connected Solution

The Yardi Investment Suite is part of the Yardi connected solution of real estate software for property management, asset management, energy and more.

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