Analyze investments with Performance Manager 

Provide real time transparency to investment, financial and operational metrics.


With 20+ years of experience, we understand the nuances and complexity of analyzing real estate investments. 


Configurable Dashboards 

Provide information for each group of users within your business, getting them access to what is important to them and their role.


Definable Metrics 

From complex investment returns to financial analysis and comparison to internal or industry benchmarks.


Powerful connected platform 

Full visibility from investor to asset including direct drill through to other Yardi modules.

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Configurable access to information

  • Role-based dashboards from firm-wide portfolio analysis to each component of the ownership structure
  • User configurable dashboard layouts, content and grouping without the need for custom programming
  • Allow access to run Yardi financial reports and custom-created reports as well as documents
  • Integrated Activity Feed for enhanced collaboration and informed discussions

Client-specific key performance indicators and metrics

  • Create on the fly composite analysis using attributes for simple or complex calculations, including time-weighted returns, Internal Rates of Return, Equity multiples and more
  • Compare investment and/or asset performance to industry or internal benchmarks
  • Drill into details to understand what is driving the metric
  • Leverage investment accounting, general ledger and budget data for any metric at any level of the ownership structure
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More than a Business Intelligence Tool, the only product connected to multiple Yardi Solutions for a seamless user experience to get to the data they need

The only investment analysis solution on the market fully connected with multiple Yardi solutions* including:

  • Yardi Investment Accounting for analysis of investment metrics
  • Yardi Debt Manager to analyze loans at any level in the investment structure
  • Yardi Valuation Manager for insight into current valuation assumptions
  • Yardi Lease Manager for direct drill through from investment to lease
  • Yardi Construction Manager to access capital project risk and status
  • Yardi AssetIQ for full transparency into multifamily asset metrics
  • Promote data validity and governance with a single version of the truth

*All integrated modules are licensed separately 

What clients are saying

"To be able to log in to Investment Manager for real-time access to quality data is priceless. We can see what trusts or entities a client has invested with, what actual investments those are in, and the returns they’re receiving has been incredible.”

- Scott McGinness, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, Cohen Asset Management

“Before Investment Manager, putting investor statements together used to take weeks once the financials were available from the accounting team. With Investment Manager automating processes for us, it takes about three or four days now.”

- Christie Parker, Chief Financial Officer, ROCO Management

“Our team members don’t have to involve themselves in making sure data gets transferred correctly. Our investors, internal accountants and fund managers don’t have to request data from us – they can easily get it online from Investment Manager without going through anybody.”

- Joe Biddle, Director, Information Technology

“It simplified our reporting process, improved investor communication and built stronger relationships.”

- Andrew Kranich, Director of Acquisitions, Skye Property Management

“Everybody is always looking at the same information rather than tracking different spreadsheets.”

- Richard Torcasio, Software Engineer, Uniland Development Company

"Yardi Debt Manager expands the scope of what our employees can do because they’re not locked into one system for one function. They can add more value for our customers."

- Alex Droste, Global Real Estate Platform Leader, Alter Domus

"Yardi Investment Accounting gives us full transparency and efficient data processing. It has changed how we approach our real estate operations."

- Alex Droste, Global Real Estate Platform Leader, Alter Domus

“Closing our books used to be stressful with lots of overtime. With Investment Accounting, our accountants can wrap things up in days versus weeks. It’s really improved the quality of our work as well as everybody’s quality of life.”

- Scott McGinness, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, Cohen Asset Management

“The company cut its quarterly distribution process from seven weeks to less than two weeks, saving hundreds of staff hours annually thanks to automated consolidation and distribution.”

- Joe Anfuso, Chief Financial Officer, MG Properties Group

“With Yardi® Investment Suite, we distribute over 1,200 quarterly NAV statements to our investors and improve the production time for capital statements, creating timesaving efficiency for our team.”

- Joe DiSalvo, SVP, Corporate Controller, RXR Realty

"Yardi's Investment Suite has revolutionized how we manage our real estate investments. It simplified our reporting process, improved investor communication and built stronger relationships. We can easily connect our back-end accounting to our front-end investor portal so our investors can always access real-time data. This has saved us tremendous time and effort and allowed us to focus on growing our business."

- Andrew Kranich, Director of Acquisitions, Skye Property Management

“The Investment Suite has helped our company operate as a virtually paperless operation, and that’s been great for us.”

- Joe Biddle, Director of Information Technology, ABR Capital Partners

“The Investment Suite enables seamless integration between accounting and investment management in our fund and corporate accounting operations.”

- Joe Biddle, Director of Information Technology, ABR Capital Partners

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Manage the entire real estate investment lifecycle from investor portal, complex investment and debt accounting to performance management.


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